21 April 2008

Unit 13, Live from Moscow

More tales of woe from my Russian textbook:

"Сержант Петров всю жизнь мечтал стать поэтом, но он стал милиционером."
Sergeant Petrov has dreamed his whole life of becoming a poet, but he became a policeman. From an exercise where we have to practice expressing regret and sympathy: Мне жалко Сержанта Петрова - I feel sorry for Sergeant Petrov.
"It's a shame that Dennis's girlfriend is coming to Moscow."
From a translation exercise.
"It's a shame that Misha became a businessman. He was a good veterinarian."
From the same translation exercise. Insight into Russian priorities... and possible issues with the Russian economy.
"У Володиных нет времени погулять с Брауном."
The Volodins don't have time to walk Brown [their dog]. Team animal neglect, go!
"Он очень любит себя."
He is very fond of himself.